Walnut Swiss Army Knife

The original Swiss Army Knife was born out of a need for military personnel to carry not only a knife, but a screwdriver to disassemble a rifle. The combination of the two and the subsequent addition of a bottle opener and reamer set the stage for a classic product that has lasted well over one hundred years.

This version utilizes sustainably harvested walnut from Switzerland that would otherwise be discarded. The carved out handle fits within the contours of the hand for ease of use.

Knife includes a large blade, serrated-edge scissors, screwdriver for small cross head screws, flat screwdriver with safety lock system, wood saw, cap lifter, wire bender, can opener, nail file, corkscrew, reamer and a key ring.

Measures 8.3 cm/3.2 in

Type: Utility

Vendor: Old Faithful Shop

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