Our Story

Nestled in the historic Gastown district of Vancouver is Old Faithful Shop: a modern day version of a general store that would have existed on these cobblestone streets over 100 years ago. 

Co-Founder Walter Manning spent his summers kicking around the back-rooms of his Grandparents General Stores. Both his paternal Grandfather and his maternal Grandmother owned and operated community based General Shops - just like their parents did before them. 

Through this upbringing what resonated with Walter was that these shops stood not only as establishments for general provisions, but also as a common gathering place: a welcome environment where you got more than what you needed. Together with Co-Founder Savannah Olsen, they have built a modern day version of a General Store that is equally anchored in quality products and top-notch service. 

On our shelves you’ll find good quality goods for simple, everyday living. We are drawn to products that are well-made, classic in design and when possible hand-crafted by a human being. The best products are the ones that age well and stand the test of time - items that will exist long after we do not.

Thanks for dropping by and learning more about us! If you find yourself in our neighborhood we would love for you to visit, but please feel welcome to visit us here online as we continually add new products, offer promotions and updates for your perusal. 

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